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Relieve The Coastal Experience With A Trip To Sharm El-Sheikh

Fly to Egypt this holiday season and experience the wonders that the Land of Pharaohs has in store for you. Among the notable cities to visit in Egypt, the ones that shouldn’t be given a miss include Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, and most notably Sharm el-Sheikh. There are direct flights operating from Cairo to Sharm el-Sheikh. Holidays in Sharm el-Sheikh can be a soothing experience for travellers. This small coastal city, located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, is a wonderful place to enjoy holiday with families and friends. In fact, when you plan to visit Egypt, never exclude Sharm from your schedule. Presently, Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the major tourist destinations in Egypt.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Sharm El-Sheikh is during the winter months. Basically, it is better to avoid the months of June, July, and August since the heat is extreme and much rush among the British crowds. You may not enjoy the romanticism of the Red Sea due to rush by fellow British travellers. If you are ok with the heat, then these months may not be a problem. Otherwise, the best time can be December till March.

Climatic Condition

This beautiful coastal city experiences very hot summer & quite mild winter season. April till October are the summer months while winter starts from mid-November and stays till mid-March. Since the city experiences a subtropical desert climate, you may find very less difference in the daytime temperature during summer or winter. However, the nights can be quite chilling during winter and soothing during the summer.

Notable attractions

When you think of Sharm el-sheikh, it is the calm and beautiful Red Sea that comes in mind. Yes, the Red Sea and extended coastal line is the major attraction of this place. Never forget to participate in snorkelling at the RAS MOHAMED National Park. This can be a fascinating experience as you experience those amazing corals while being at the bottom of the sea. There are also other places to enjoy snorkelling like Tirian Island, Shark’s bay Beach, and Ras Un Sid. A lot of the attractions in Sharm El-Sheikh revolve around the sea with such attractions as the Red Sea Coral Reef Snorkelling at Ras Mohamed National Park. If you find snorkelling a little tough or risky, then visit the Coptic Church, Gazer Night, Heavenly Cathedral, and enjoy a ride on the mangroovy horse.

Plan a trip

If you want to plan a trip to Sharm, then do contact SharmTravelService at the following numbers: 20 10-6666-4570 / +20 11-1777-3114. Best rest assured to receive genuine and reliable luxury travel services.